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Motorcycle Mayhem: Throwback Thursday (November 2017)

It’s Thursday, so you know what that means! It’s time for a big heaping helping of some throwback fails! We have people messing around on motorcycles, surprise fails, and a pole dancing fail or two! Submit your videos at failarmy.com

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Baby Takes Wallet Out of Woman’s Purse https://goo.gl/fqv1nr
Guy Tumbles out of Kart https://goo.gl/4OFQkF
Cat Disappears Behind Couch Trying to Grab Balloon https://goo.gl/Hbd4dg
Gym Guy Falls after Breaking Weight Sled https://goo.gl/2nyWJ7
Golf Ball Bounces Back to Starting Point https://goo.gl/NXgVZc
Couple Flies off Inner Tube https://goo.gl/ZHtAZH
Baby Falls into Sprinkler https://goo.gl/xFWuk5
Guy Falls out the Door Trying to Lift Weights https://goo.gl/W3scec
Pole Breaks while Dancer Climbs It https://goo.gl/5XN2V9
Bicyclist Faceplants Into Grass https://goo.gl/Ep2q7h
Girl Falls after Jumping over Fence https://goo.gl/za4olm
Girl Falls off Hammock Chair https://goo.gl/X1aekd
Guy Wakes Up Little Sister With Horns https://goo.gl/V9Ih22
Guy Falls Trying Workout https://goo.gl/tcW99U
Waterskier Crashes in Water https://goo.gl/PNjiPM
Guy Attempts to Jump Over High Object and Falls https://goo.gl/SHqUhf
Watermelon Explodes while Kids Eat It https://goo.gl/3nC6ba
Girl Falls off Pole and Into Water https://goo.gl/vJ4eAa
Guy Falls off ATV and into Mud https://goo.gl/T7pobe
Weightlifter Faceplants https://goo.gl/5MGN5g
Guy Flies off High Bar https://goo.gl/ikXjBy
Guy Can’t Play Miniature Golf https://goo.gl/C26kE9
Guys Attempt to do Partner Flip and Result in Nut Shot https://goo.gl/qGZwHb
Girl on Unicycle Tries to Jump of Steps https://goo.gl/kOINOJ
Mom Falls Off Ledge While Videotaping Son https://goo.gl/G5zK0k
Little Kid Has a Delayed Reaction after Getting Hit by Ball https://goo.gl/NP00vY
Guy Crashes During Bike Event https://goo.gl/TR2bDG
Guy Drops Barbell Onto Neck https://goo.gl/2rhZ9i
Impatient Motorcyclist https://goo.gl/zJx0uS
Girl Falls Off Pole https://goo.gl/iE6AL4
Guy Bellyflops into Diving Spot https://goo.gl/iKj49s
Mechanical Bull Hits Guy’s Face https://goo.gl/XJ7diU
Guy Fails Scooter Stunt https://goo.gl/OFzbts
Guy Attempts Wheelie and Wipes Out https://goo.gl/xXoTSA
Combover Steve Fails to Front Flip https://goo.gl/ITTEMZ
Girl on Roller Skates Tries to Grind on Rail https://goo.gl/tLesCA
Guy Tries to Perform Skateboard Trick With Crutch and Falls https://goo.gl/j5SV5a
Pole Dancer Accidentally Kicks Self in Head With High Heel https://goo.gl/QlKFni
Guys Break Pole While Dancing https://goo.gl/7uI0zS
Giant Stuffed Animals Fall and Knock Over Girl https://goo.gl/nzUdXg
Goat Faints When Ball Comes Near https://goo.gl/wlsMGV
Guy Does Double Frontflip and Faceplants https://goo.gl/dnGpIm
Golfer Falls Over Bag https://goo.gl/gYgYS7
Woman Lifts Weight Above Head and Loses Control https://goo.gl/6qbMpx

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